Gábor Nyéki

I am a senior research specialist at Princeton University’s politics department and an assistant professor at the African School of Economics. I received my PhD in economics from Duke University.

My research falls into labor economics and political economy.

E-mail: gnyeki@princeton.edu. For more information, see my CV.

If you read Spanish, then my name is pronounced pretty close to how you would say gábor ñéki. It is written as [ˈɡaːbor ˈɲeːki] in IPA.

Working papers

Does Nonviolence Work? The U.S. Civil Rights Movement and Institutional Change. February 2020.

Work in progress

Learning Quality in Non-Routine Occupations.

Origins of the Demand for Education: Evidence from Early Schools in Nigeria (with Léonard Wantchékon and Dozie Okoye).

Image Concerns and Voting Order in Group Decisions (with Gergely Hajdu).