Gábor Nyéki

[ˈɡaːbor ˈɲeːki]

I am a senior research specialist at Princeton University’s politics department and an assistant professor at the African School of Economics. I received my PhD in economics from Duke University.

My research falls into political economy, development economics, and the economics of social networks. I study unequal societies.

E-mail: gnyeki@princeton.edu. For more information, see my CV.

Papers and works in progress

Does Nonviolence Work? The U.S. Civil Rights Movement and Institutional Change. February 2020.

Network and Spillover Effects with Endogeneous Multidimensional Networks (with Rob Garlick and Kate Orkin).

Origins of the Demand for Education: Evidence from Early Schools in Nigeria (with Léonard Wantchékon and Dozie Okoye).

Image Concerns and Voting Order in Group Decisions (with Gergely Hajdu).


Honeybee implements the Honeycomb programming language. It is designed to make editing SurveyCTO questionnaires, ubiquitous in development economics, easier and safer.

The Python package sacsv offers a variety of command-line tools to manipulate CSV files.

The Stata package json_this provides wrappers around reg, reghdfe, ttest, and arbitrary r-class and e-class Stata commands to save their results in JSON files. The R package jsonwriter does the same for fixest estimation results.

The Python packages coeftable and extract_from_stata provide command-line tools for generating regression tables from JSON files and Stata log files.

The Racket program bibdl downloads BibTeX citation data based on a journal link for a paper.

Et cetera

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